TV Point

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Reaches a monthly audience of more than 90,000 people. Flat TV Screens located in waiting room of hospitals that will impact your target audience with videos, animations, presentations, all updated though the internet. Post ads in different areas of the screen: Banners, Side flash or Full Screen.

Type: Indoor Media Advertising Network in hospital’s
waiting rooms
Reach: 90,000 monthly audience
• 16 waiting rooms network in METRO AREA hospitals
• Highly traffic waiting rooms
• Captive audience
• Waiting more than one hour
• Flat screen TVs in waiting rooms of hospitals.
• Digital Advertising updated through Internet.
• Banners, Clips or Full-screen advertising.
Media Study: Awareness 43%. Impact 80%
(Source: Non-traditional Media Study 2009. The Marketing

Digital Production Specification
Resolution: 1024 x 768
• Local networks programming to keep the attention of the audience with favorites TV Shows.
• News update hourly
• Advertising scrolling messages
• Weather and time
• Health clip