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Hiram Bithorn F.D. Roosevelt Ave

It is positioned in the most iconic intersection in Metro Area: Plaza Las Americas & Hiram Bithorn. The entrance of the largest shopping mall in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, and the Hiram Bithorn’s main entrance, home of the most important sport events in the island. This iconic structure is an unavoidable message for more…
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Hiram Bithorn Billboard

Located in the Hiram Bithorn’s Parking, this iconic Billboard is perfect for High Impact Campaigns with the exclusive use of your side. Highlights Type: Traditional fixed billboard Side: Inbound (San Juan to Caguas) Side: Outbound (Caguas to San Juan) Daily Traffic (AADT): 246,900 (Source: DTOP 2008) Location: Las Americas Expressway. Hiram Bithorn’s Parking Size: 14’H…
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