Bellas Artes de Guaynabo

Bellas Artes de Guaynabo

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Portfolio Description

This iconic digital structure is located in the heart of Guaynabo City, on the corner of PR-199, Las Cumbres Avenue, and the entrance to Guaynabo. With two high resolution digital displays, this structure is exposed to a daily traffic of more than 50,000 vehicles in this important avenue.

Type: Two Sided Digital Billboard
Daily Traffic (AADT): 41,700
Location: PR-199 (Las Cumbres Ave.) & Carazo St. Most important intersection in Guaynabo City, Close to Retail, Cinemas, Schools, Shopping Center & Residencial areas. City with the Highest Household Income.*
Inbound: Guaynabo to San Juan
Outbound: San Juan to Guaynabo
(* Source: 2008-2012 5-year Puerto Rico Community Survey)

Digital Production Specification
Width: 288 pixels
Height: 384 pixels
Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
File Format: JPEG (.jpeg / .jpg)
Color Mode: RGB