Minillas Gigant Mesh

Minillas Gigant Mesh

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Portfolio Description

Located at the American Airlines Building. This high-impact site is positioned on one of the highest traffic roads in Metro Area (over 130,000 vehicles/day per DTOP’s AADT figures). The +2,000 feet viewing distance and its outstanding demographic mix makes this the ideal site to deliver your message and reach your target. Just before the Minillas Tunnel entrance this site is almost always riddled with heavy slow-moving traffic.

Type: Mesh Outdoor Media
Monthly Traffic: 130,000
Location: American Airlines Building at Minillas
Outbound: 60’H x 40’W (From San Juan to Carolina)
Inbound: East Side 60’H x 40’W (From Carolina to San Juan)
Inbound: South Side 60’H x 70’W (From Carolina to San Juan)

Digital Production Specification
File Format: JPEG (.jpeg / .jpg)
Artwork: Be supplied as a High Res PDF to visual size
plus 6 inches bleed
Color Mode: CMYK
Scale: 1/10th