Piñero Ave.

Piñero Ave.

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Portfolio Description

A Doubled-Sided Vertical Digital Structure located in one of the most crowded avenues in Metro Area. Close to: Airport, Hospitals, Universities. Reaching more than 60,000 people with a one of a kind fully diversity demographics.

Type: Vertical Digital billboard
Daily Traffic (AADT): 51,500 (Source: DTOP 2008)
Location: Jesús T. Piñero Avenue (Central Avenue)
Most Crowded Avenue in Metro Area.
Inbound Side: Guaynabo to Carolina
Outbound Side: Carolina to Guaynabo

Digital Production Specification
Width: 288 pixels
Height: 384 pixels
Resolution: 72 pixels/inch
File Format: JPEG (.jpeg / .jpg)
Color Mode: RGB