Plaza del Mercado Santurce

Plaza del Mercado Santurce

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Portfolio Description

The Plaza del Mercado de Santurce has been active for almost a century; as always, the market stocks fresh farmland produce and provisions, a delight for housewives to chefs alike. At noon and in the evenings, quaint restaurants and cantinas with “al fresco” sitting surrounding the Plaza have become popular with the buttoned-up and the bohemian crowds.

Type: Mesh Outdoor Media
Monthly Traffic: 240,000 (people spend more than 2
hours in the area)
Location: Prime property in “Plaza del Mercado
Santurce”, Dos Hermanos St.
Size: 10’H x 103’W
Features: Illuminated, 25 degrees angle.

Digital Production Specification
Width: 103 feet
Height: 9 feet
Resolution: minimum 300 dpi
File Format: JPEG (.jpeg / .jpg)
Artwork: Be supplied as a High Res PDF to visual size
plus 6 inches bleed
Color Mode: CMYK
Scale: 1/10th